The Renaissance Award is the Foundation's highest honor, and we believe we have a truly exceptional recipient in Friendly House Executive Executive Director, Gordon Hargrove.

The room was full of applause and excitement as Gordon Hargrove, Executive Director of Friendly House, accepted the 2018 Renaissance Award at our 43rd Annual Meeting held on Wednesday, May 16. It is the Foundation’s highest honor, and we believe we have a truly exceptional recipient for this year’s award. Gordon’s dedication to bettering the Worcester community is exemplary, and serves as a resonating reminder of our Foundation’s mission: dedicated to enhancing the community as a whole, now and in the future.

Gordon has been with Friendly House, providing comprehensive coordinated neighborhood basic services to inner-city families, for more than 60 years. His colleagues have credited him as leading the organization to adapt to Worcester’s ever-changing needs, touching the lives of so many, and undoubtedly many more to come.

It is the little strides in life that usually count the most. Strides that Gordon has been making for six decades to make a palpable, positive change for everyone in Worcester. Many of you know Gordon, so I ask that if you do see him out over the next few weeks, congratulate him on a job well done. That is why we invite the entire community to join us for our Annual Meetings. We shared our 2017 financial results, elected new corporators and directors toour leadership, and shared what is happening within the Foundation. By sharing our work, we hope that it will inspire you to contribute to the community - in whatever form that takes.

If you were unable to attend our Annual Meeting, you can still view the Foundation’s Annual Report here. In summary, the Foundation's total assets exceeded $157 million, comprised of permanent charitable endowments that are available for local grantmaking. The Foundation awarded $8.4 million in grants and scholarships, serving 446 nonprofits while 390 students received scholarships, and the Foundation received more than $5.6 million in contributions.

Congratulations again to Gordon and thanks to all who are so invested in the life of our community. We cannot do without one another.