Summer has arrived, and here at the Foundation, we are continuing our engagement with summer learning.

Summer has arrived, and here at the Foundation we are continuing our engagement with summer learning. By now it is well known that this is a time when many children, especially those from low income families, are in danger of losing a substantial amount of the academic progress that they and their teachers have worked so hard to achieve during the school year.

Summer learning loss can be overcome, but it requires sustained effort. That is why we have renewed our commitment to summer learning. Three years ago we partnered with United Way to double the capacity of its Summer Literacy Initiative. The program is led by Family Service of Central MA which provides support to the YWCA of Central MA, Guild of St. Agnes, Rainbow Child Development, Boys and Girls Club of Worcester, Community Builders at Plumley Village, YMCA of Central MA, Worcester Comprehensive Education and Care and three Recreation Worcester sites (University Park, Grant Park and Lake Park). Our commitment continues in 2017.

And the outcomes have been remarkable: 75% of the children maintain or gain reading skill, and a full 95% avoid typical levels of summer learning loss. Click these links for more on our results during 2015 and 2016.

We also support other highly effective organizations in their efforts to make summertime a season of learning. This year they include Pernet Family Health, the Worcester Public Library, Bancroft School Elm Park Community Partnership, and Tri-Community YMCA. Altogether, Foundation-supported programs are reaching well over 700 children. These grants are a critical part of the Foundation’s Early Childhood Initiative.

We wish the greatest to everyone working for and with Greater Worcester’s children this summer!