Resources for Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors Network FlyerSample Fund AgreementFee Schedule
Professional Advisors Network Flyer [PDF]Sample Fund Agreement [PDF]Fee Schedule [PDF]
Growing the GoodAnnual Report 2021
Growing the Good [PDF]2022 Annual Report [PDF]

Fund Types

Donor Advised Fund FlyerComparison Grid of DAFs and Private FoundationsAgency Fund Flyer
Donor Advised Fund Flyer [PDF]Comparing DAFs to Private Foundations [PDF]Agency Fund Flyer [PDF]
Scholarship Fund FlyerDesignated Fund FlyerDiscretionary and FOI Flyer
Scholarship Fund Flyer [PDF]Designated Fund Flyer [PDF]Discretionary and FOI Fund Flyer [PDF]

Bequest Information

Acorn Society InformationGrowing the Good
Acorn Society Information [PDF]Sample Bequest Language [PDF]