What is your passion? At the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, our expert staff is committed to understanding your charitable giving interests and connecting you to effective organizations as well as fellow donors who share your goals. While anyone can be a philanthropist, no two people have the same values and giving goals - even within the same family. That's why our philanthropic services are personalized and responsive to your unique vision for giving. From donor advised funds to estate, deferred and life income gifts, we offer you numerous creative and rewarding ways to make a difference in your community.

Getting Started is Simple

With a $10,000 gift, you can create your own charitable fund with the Greater Worcester Community Foundation. Establish your fund in your name or the name of your family—or let its name honor a cherished person, group or cause. All grants from your fund will carry its name, now and in the future.

"The Foundation makes it easy for people of ordinary means like me to create a lasting legacy." - Sarah B. Lange

Why Give Through the Foundation

Greater Worcester Community Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization serving the region. Deep professional expertise, an unparalleled network of community partnerships and a record of effective, high-impact grant making have made the Foundation a key resource for those who seek to make a difference in the world.

Our donors—individuals, families and organizations—as well as their financial advisors enjoy many benefits in working with us. Among them:

  • Maximum tax benefit for their gifts
  • Access to the Foundation's expertise in community philanthropy
  • A network of community partners
  • A record of high-impact grant-making
  • Personalized service

We get to know you and help you match your passions with local needs and worthy programs. Take a look at GWCF's giving options.

With Us You Can Expect

"We made our home on Brigham Hill and became involved in lots of activities. The Rankin Platt Memorial Fund honors and continues all that Phil and I worked hard for in our community." - Marsha R. Platt