Our Scholarship Funds

The generosity of individuals, families, businesses, and communities is helping students pursue their dreams of higher education.

The directory below lists the scholarship funds held by the Foundation. Each holds a story, as well as unique selection criteria. While we have over 130 funds, we only have ONE scholarship application, and we match applicants with the scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible.

Are you a potential applicant? Explore our funds!

Use the keyword search below to see what types of opportunities you might be matched to when you apply. Type in your school, city or town, or community organization. Type in the field of study you plan to pursue. You can learn more about your eligibility for GWCF scholarships here, and if you have any questions, email scholar@greaterworcester.org.

For Grafton residents who are seniors graduating from Grafton High School or Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School with an outstanding record of community service outside of school.
For African-American graduating seniors from Worcester County who have financial need and are pursuing a degree in bioscience, mathematics, engineering or physics.
For graduating high school seniors and GED-earners who are members of the Worcester Youth Center.
This scholarship is awarded by the Leicester High School Scholarship Committee using the school's scholarship application. For graduating seniors from Leicester High School who have shown motivation and good citizenship and who need financial assistance to help pay for college.
For graduating high school seniors from Auburn, MA.
For graduating seniors from North High School who participated in the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program for four years.
For graduating seniors from Worcester County who are pursuing a career in social services, counseling/psychiatry, or public interest law, with preference to students whose extracurriculars have included service to low-income and/or immigrant families.
For graduating seniors from Worcester's 01605 zip code, with preference to students who attended Belmont Street Community School (for one or more years, including 6th grade) and plan to pursue a career in a health field.
For female graduating seniors from Northbridge and its surrounding towns (Grafton, Upton, Mendon, Uxbridge and Sutton) to pursue a career in teaching.
For graduating seniors from Worcester County who are pursuing a career in journalism, with preference to minority youth.
For graduating seniors from the city of Worcester who are pursuing a degree in education.
For graduating seniors from Auburn High School, with preference to those who plan to major in electrical engineering, pre-veterinary studies, or a related field.