Corporate giving funds are typically created as a means for corporations to give back to the community, support social or environmental causes, and engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

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Corporate Fund Options

This fund actively engages our employees in grantmaking. Our employees have helped build this company, and Worcester is our home. By giving through this fund, we benefit our community and improve its quality of life.

- Thomas J. Bartholomew, President, Bartholomew & Company

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Quick Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Greater Worcester Community Foundation help?

As a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity, the Greater Worcester
Community Foundation offers the maximum deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes. The fund is commingled with other funds in one of two portfolio options, both designed to ensure preservation and growth of principal and a dependable source of revenue for distribution and expenses. The Foundation handles all of the administration.

Once the Fund is established may I or others make additional gifts to it?

Yes. Once a Fund is created, additional gifts of any amount may be contributed to it at any time.

How often will I receive information about the Fund?

When you open your fund, you will receive access to our online
fundholder portal. Through the portal you will be able to view financial information, monthly fund statements and when grants are sent.

Can you send me the grant check to give to the charity?

We are not able to send grant checks to the Donor or any party other than the organization. Checks are mailed directly by the Foundation to the nonprofit.

Richard P. Burke Fund to Support Older Adults

Throughout his 25-year career with Fallon Health, retiring President and CEO Richard P. Burke has been a driving force behind the organization’s commitment to serving older adults. Now, the local health plan’s Board of Directors is honoring his significant contributions with a new fund established through the Greater Worcester Community Foundation. Fallon Health made the initial investment of $150,000 in Burke’s name.

The Richard P. Burke Fund to Support Older Adults will provide grants to support projects or programs focused on addressing the health and human services needs of older adults living in Worcester County.

We are pleased to be able to recognize the significant impact Richard has made on this important population and to continue his work in a way that aligns with our mission.

- Fred Misilo, Jr., Board Chair, Fallon Health