What is your passion? At the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, our expert staff is committed to understanding your charitable giving interests and connecting you to effective organizations and fellow donors who share your goals.

Greater Worcester Community Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization serving the region. Deep professional expertise, an unparalleled network of community partnerships, and a record of effective, high-impact grantmaking have made the Foundation a key resource for those who seek to make a difference in the world.

Our donors — individuals, families, and organizations — as well as their financial advisors enjoy many benefits in working with us, including:

There are many benefits to opening a fund at the community foundation rather than establishing a commercial gift fund or private foundation. To learn more, view our Foundation Comparison Chart.

How We Work

We offer a number of different types of funds to meet your individual values and giving goals. You can choose to give within your lifetime or leave a legacy; be involved in the grantmaking or leave the decisions up to us. Our philanthropic services are personalized and responsive to your unique vision for giving.

Once you have established a fund with us, we pool it together with other funds in one of two portfolio options, both designed to ensure the preservation and growth of principal and a dependable source of revenue for distribution and expenses. The interest earned on these invested funds are used to make grants to nonprofits working to make our communities better places to live, work and thrive, and we handle all of the administration for you.

The Foundation makes it easy for people of ordinary means like me to create a lasting legacy.

- Sarah B. Lange

What To Expect