You can support the organizations and causes you care most about today and after your lifetime, all while maximizing your financial and tax advantages.

For those who want to play an active role in their charitable giving, a Donor Advised Fund is a wonderful option. Through our Fundholder Portal, you can manage your DAF and make grant recommendations to nonprofits you wish to support. Foundation staff is also available to help you identify potential grantees that align with your charitable goals.

Why Create a Donor Advised Fund?

In choosing the Foundation to administer our [donor advised] fund, we gain superb stewardship and investment management without the burden of setting up our own foundation. Our fund allows us to benefit cultural institutions we love. Additionally, the Foundation simplifies legacy philanthropy by continuing our designated donations from the fund- without probate- after we pass.

- Drs. Ivan and Noreen Green

Interested in starting a Donor Advised Fund? Contact Kelly Stimson at or 508-755-0980 ext. 112

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Quick Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the Fund is created may I or others make additional gifts to it?

Yes. Once a Fund is established, additional gifts of any amount can be contributed to it at any time.

How often will I receive information about the Fund?

When you open your fund, you will receive access to our online fundholder portal. Through the portal you will be able to view financial information, monthly fund statements and recommend grants.

How do I make grant recommendations from my Fund?

You can recommend grants at any time through our online portal, mail, email or telephone. Grants are processed and paid within two weeks. All grants are made payable to the charitable organization. You will be able to view the process of the grant payment through the online fundholder portal.

Can you send me the grant check to give to the charity?

We are not able to send grant checks to the Donor or any party other than the organization. Checks are mailed directly by the Foundation to the nonprofit.

Are there restrictions on the types of grants I can make from my Donor Advised Fund?

Grant recommendations must be for a charitable purpose. Distributions to individuals are prohibited from Donor Advised Funds; this includes earmarking a grant to a nonprofit to sponsor or support fees for any named person. By law, you cannot suggest a grant to fulfill a charitable pledge, pay for a membership, buy a ticket to a charitable event, or anything for which you receive a personal benefit.

If I have questions about a nonprofit or area of interest, can you help me?

Yes, we can. Our Program Team will be happy to share their knowledge
with you and assist you in any way possible.

What happens to my Donor Advised Fund after I die?

We offer a number of options to continue your Fund after your lifetime, including naming successor advisors.

Todd and Shelley Rodman Fund

Shelley and Todd created their donor advised fund to nurture their community in perpetuity.

“Our careers brought us here 30 years ago,” says Shelley. “We stayed for the access to nature and culture. We have great affection and appreciation for Worcester and the quality of life we enjoy here.”

Formerly a fundraiser, Shelley, a Foundation corporator, and Todd, an attorney, serve on multiple nonprofit boards. They regard the Foundation as a trusted partner for philanthropy. “With such endeavors as its nonprofit training program and equity and inclusion initiative, the Foundation leads on region-wide priorities,” says Shelley. “It’s also flexible, supporting emerging organizations as well as anchor institutions.

We’ll enjoy advising on our fund’s grants during our lifetime. And thinking of the future, we have designated our fund to eventually add to the Foundation’s discretionary funds. We want to help the Foundation remain nimble and address this community’s changing needs.

- Shelley Rodman