Your clients certainly have no shortage of options for their philanthropic dollars. Our fundholders give to charities across the country, but many are also deeply committed to their community in Worcester County – where they live now, where they’ve raised children, and/or where they’ve built a business.

That’s why it’s helpful to remind clients that they can reach out to our team when they want to make sure their dollars are making the biggest difference possible locally. Through our wide variety of fund types available, we can help your clients achieve their goals for local support, whether that takes the form of disaster recovery, supporting families in need, funding critical workforce development, or paving the way for historic preservation initiatives.

Our team is always happy to provide insight into the challenges our community is facing right now and which organizations are delivering services to alleviate those needs so that your clients can provide immediate support through their donor-advised funds. In addition, an unrestricted fund may be a good fit for clients who want to improve lives in Worcester County for generations to come.

An unrestricted fund may be particularly compelling for your clients who are 70 ½ or older. These clients may be eligible to make annual distributions up to $105,000 per spouse from their IRAs directly to an unrestricted fund at the community foundation. This transfer is called a “Qualified Charitable Distribution,” or “QCD.” Not only do QCD transfers count toward satisfying Required Minimum Distributions, but your client also avoids the income tax on those funds. Furthermore, those assets are no longer part of the client’s estate upon death, so the client can avoid estate taxes, too.

Please reach out us at for more information on how your clients can support both current and future local needs, and also meet their own financial, tax, and generational legacy goals.