We are the stewards of more than 600 funds as well as the civic endowment created by all of our donors’ funds and gifts. Each fund is subject to monthly investment and administrative fees. We keep fees and costs for fund administration and investment low through economies of scale.

Investment Fee

The Foundation’s investment managers each assess charges to cover custody of assets, investment management, and trading activity. Investment manager fees are assessed each month based on current market value. Investment performance results are reported net of investment management fees. Investment Management Fee is projected at .90% per year.

Administrative Fee

Administrative fees are charged by the Foundation to help cover the cost of operations. The fee varies depending on the type and size of the fund. Administrative fees are charged monthly and withdrawn from the fund’s assets.

Following is our current administrative fee schedule:

* The fee is 1.00% for funds with assets above $5 million.

A minimum fee of $250 per year is drawn on all funds.

Fee information effective April 1, 2020