The Foundation is now accepting grant applications for its Fairlawn Foundation Fund.

The Fairlawn Foundation has its roots in Worcester's Swedish community, and was established as a health conversion fund (one of the first in the state) upon the sale of Fairlawn Hospital. Since its inception, Fairlawn has awarded over $6 Million in grants.

The fund is dedicated to improving health and healthcare in the Worcester region, focusing on innovative projects that address mental health needs in our community. The fund is especially interested in projects that:

Increase the supply of qualified, culturally competent and appropriately credentialed mental health professionals and paraprofessionals.

Close gaps in service, increase access to services and diminish stigma.

Address relevant policy concerns, taking into account the need for public advocacy and/or education.

Recognize the need for wrap-around services and incorporate them in program design and execution.

Include the perspectives of persons with lived experience of the issues being addressed.

Show evidence of significant collaboration; joint proposals are encouraged.

To be considered, projects will have strong evidence-based with specific outcomes and measurable indicators of progress or effectiveness. Applicants must be tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as recognized by IRS code 501(c)(3) serving the greater Worcester area.

Applications must be received by April 27, 2019. To learn more, email Jonathan Cohen at or call 508-755-0980.