Over the weekend, there was a small fire at 370 Main St., Worcester where the Foundation and several others businesses are located.

Thankfully there were no injuries, but some of the building internal control systems like the internet and phone lines are down for the foreseeable future while staff works from home.

We kindly ask that you not come to the GWCF offices until we receive word that the building is open and safe. If you need to speak with someone at the Foundation please email the following:

Carolyn Stempler: cstempler@greaterworcester.org

Jonathan Cohen: jcohen@greaterworcester.org

Kelly Stimson: kstimson@greaterworcester.org

Diane Allain: dallain@greaterworcester.org

Linda Curry: lcurry@greaterworcester.org

We will let you know when our systems are back up and running as soon as we're able.