The YCI Fund provides annual funding for the wide range of nonprofit initiatives in the areas of mental health, access to economic opportunity, diversity and cultural awareness in Central Massachusetts. This year, seven grants were funded from the 21 grant applications that were received serving the YCI's areas of interest.

Those organizations and programs receiving grants this fall include:

  • Southeast Asian Coalition, Youth Diversity and Cultural Awareness $4,000
  • Straight Ahead Ministries, Straight2Work Employment Readiness $4,000
  • Worcester Interfaith, Youth Jobs Pipeline $4,000
  • Rachel's Table, Summer Produce Program $4,000
  • Latino Education Institue/WSU, Teen Circle $4,000
  • YWCA of Central MA, Young Women's Leadership Program $2,000
  • Andy's Attic, Andy's Attic $1,814
“I am so proud of this group of teenagers for the level of maturity and dedication they have demonstrated over the last 12 weeks,” said Amy Mosher Berry, YCI Program Coordinator. “Each week they grew as leaders and ultimately, succeeded in making difficult decisions about how to best use the limited funding available to strengthen our community. I find that young people have an incredible capacity to do great things, so long as they have opportunities available to them.”

About YCI

Just finishing its 16th year, YCI has engaged nearly 200 teens from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds since 1999 and awarded approximately $310,000 to 75 nonprofit organizations in Worcester County. The only non-school, youth grant making committee in Worcester County, YCI empowers area teens to make important funding decisions in the community and develop grant making and leadership skills.